Object Desktop Users want to know
Published on August 29, 2007 By MetalHellssAngel In IconPackager Talk

Icon packager has always been a major part of the Object Desktop package, now suddenly many users find that after upgrading to Windows Vista 64 bit it's no longer compatible with their system. Wondering why no one had bothered to answer the topic in the forum I opened a support ticket

"To whom it may concern,
I'm writing to ask that stardock please note This Post in it's forums, concerning the icon packager 64 bit incompatibility. We customers would simply like to be given some kind of best guess at least as to when icon packager will be made available to Windows vista 64 bit users. Myself like a few others missed the "Fine print" prior to purchasing the software, as such I'm hoping you'll make this information more visible on your icon packager page for future customers. I enjoy using stardocks software and would like to continue using it, however I feel as though I was misinformed and only ask for some kind of information on the situation.

I was quickly given the following response:

"I unfortunately do not have any word on when this version may be available, as I am only in technical support. All I can suggest is to look for the system requirements in the future, especially when it comes to 64-bit, as many software applications and device drivers are not 64-bit compatible. If you have any additional questions, please let us know."

So the question remains, when and if there will ever be windows vista 64 bit support for this major part of Object Desktop?

on Aug 30, 2007
And well I am in this case, on standby of a icon packager compatible Vista 64 to buy it because I have a package on standby…
moreover I will like to know if all the programs of object desktop 2008 will be compatible Windows Vista 64 bit before buying it (its exit has obviously;) )

I hope to have reponces

thank you
on Sep 01, 2007
Yes it's quite frustrating to feel as if we are being totally ignored on the matter. One can only hope that Stardock will wake up and start at least giving us some feedback. I mean most people don't want to have to decide which OS to use based on whether they can customize it or not.
on Sep 27, 2007
I have been using a 64 bit OS for the last couple of years. Unfortunately none of the Stardock products would work. Here it is 2 years later and they are still not caught up with the times. What is bad is a majority of new systems are being sold with 64 bit OS's because that is the latest standard spec. Stay current, or be obsolete... it's the nature of business.
on Sep 27, 2007
Here it is 2 years later and they are still not caught up with the times
I'll bet the majority of the client base is still XP and 32 bit.  (I wish my web stat counter could grab that info.  Grrrr.)

I wish Stardock could do it all but I'd rather they spend the time, people, and other resources on the majority of their potential market to keep a good flow of money,  so they can continue to give all of us all superior product.

Here's hoping it comes out soon for you though.    
on Oct 01, 2007
I use xp 64 bit on my desktop, & I have object dock pro, window blinds 5.1, cursur xp pro, & dekstopX 3.5 pro & those work for me. IP however wont even install, because it checks the version(32 or 64). just thowing some info out there.
msi 6702e k8t800 pro
athlon 64 3200+
xp pro 64 bit
on Oct 11, 2007
Someday I dream of better Icons for us all
on Dec 05, 2007
It's a real shame.

With the price of DDR2 so ridiculously low, I like many others, recently decided to slap another 2gig in my machine, due to this I also upgraded to XP x64. Surely Stardock are aware that IP doesn't work correctly and yet no response to this thread?